Which Energy Gels are Unflavored

Which Energy Gels are Unflavored

If you're looking for an unflavored energy gel and just looking to get the energy you need but without any form of taste, we are compiling a definitive list of energy gels with no flavor.

At the moment there are only a handful of energy gels on the market which are unflavored, and directly below you'll find the list of those with zero taste or flavor to them.

Just nothing but 100 calories and 20 odd grams of carbohydrates to fuel you through your endurance events where you can leave the flavor at home.

In the suggestion table below you will find the diet, flavors, serving weight, calories, carbs and minutes of energy.

With the diet column, this will show you the diet type of that energy gel if that is one of the things you look for when looking for a new unflavored energy gel.

The main nutritional numbers in the suggestion table are weight, calories, carbs and minutes of energy. The weight of most energy gels are pretty similar and nearly all are portable which makes them perfect for putting in a pocket and taking with you on a run or cycle.

Everyone also has different requirements when looking in to energy provided by a gel. That is why we have added the calories, carbs in each serving and minutes of energy they provide.

The minutes of energy comes from the carb amount in a serving and then this number is divided by 1.2, as this is a rule of thumb for how many carbs in grams one can consume per minute during exercise.

You may want to look in to calories rather than carbs for your energy needs and you can do that with this table of unflavored energy gel suggestions.

As we add more energy gels to the database, they will auto populate this table as they are added, live. and if you have any more questions to ask of energy gels or other sports foods, head on over to the food discovery tool where you can filter and sort over a thousand outdoor and sports foods.

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