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If there are two things we know well here at Outdoor Food Club, it's veganism and hiking. We have been hiking most of our life in the great outdoors and know a thing or two about being vegan, having been plant based since late 2015.

The story of us going vegan actually starts with a backpacking trip in Central America, some may say we started in the deep end. Either way, we had to take control of our diet, remove animal foods from it and enjoy the hikes and outdoor adventures we had then.

We continue to live this lifestyle and are amongst the mountains here in the UK a lot. We're always thinking about our next adventure, whether it's a multi-day hiking trip or even an hours jaunt with the dog. And when planning trips outdoors, the first thing that comes to mind is what will we eat and how much do we need of it.

Because of our past experiences and hobbies, it helped build this site and continues our drive for making it better so that when we discover new vegan hiking foods, and you can too.

Here is a summarised list of vegan hiking food:

  • Sandwiches with spreads
  • Fresh, freeze dried or dehydrated fruit and vegetables
  • Trail mix, including nuts and seeds
  • Energy bars and fake meat, jerky bars
  • Energy gels
  • Packaged meals that can be cooked with one pot
  • Hot drinks

How Much Food Do You Need

Growing up, hiking the fells in Lake District, i remember looking forward to eating just as much as the hiking and route we'd take that day. You can't always guarantee a good view or decent weather, but you can have a nice hot cup of tea and enjoy some of your fave food.

Covering a 4 hour hike, we would eat roughly every hour or so, having small snacks on the hour and half way through the hike we would have our main meal.

Because hiking isn't the most gruelling of activities, you don't have to pack too much food and just make sure you eat little and often as a good rule of thumb. We also don't bother with electrolyte drinks when hiking because we aren't sweating as much as we would be when we are running. We can cover our mineral and electrolyte loss sufficiently in the foods that we are eating.

Always Take Your Rubbish With You

No matter the distance, type of food, always take your rubbish back with you. Even a banana skin, this can last as long as 2 years before it starts to biodegrade on the mountain side or trail you chucked it. We just pack our rubbish in to a spare side pocket and try and recycle this back home.

Consume Speed

When hiking, you don't want to spend too long eating. We have hundreds of options on the food discovery tool for vegan snacks. All of these can be consumed in very little time and cover your calorie and energy needs.

Some may have more time than others and can heat up food and also don't mind carrying more water to add to a packaged meal. 

In this article we'll look at the options you have and include a small example of the food discovery tool which you can use to find vegan hiking food.

Eating On The Go

If you want to consume something whilst in the process of hiking, you have hundreds of options:

  • Energy bars
  • Protein bars
  • Trail mix 
  • Energy gels
  • Fruits and vegetables.

All of these food items can be kept in pockets and just taken out and consumed every 30 minutes to an hour.

Eating Slowly

If you prefer a hot meal on a long days hike or even a hot cup of tea or coffee, you're going to have to stop and take a break whilst you heat things up. There is nothing like a hot meal in the depths of winter, especially on a long hiking adventure covering most of the day.

If you still require a large meal and don't mind eating it cold, you can always cold soak foods before you eat them and let water or liquids of your choice work there way in to your food, ready for you to eat when its lunchtime or dinner.

This is also a common choice now, as you can prepare your foods before you set off, place in to a bag with some liquid, plant based milk or water and after a few hours, just dive in to the bag. One of our favourite ways to cold soak is to add coconut powder and water together to soak your meal in, this works great for breakfast lunch or dinner and any time of the day.

Vegan Hiking Food Discovery Tool

We get all of our nutritional comparisons, lists and answers to specific questions from our food discovery tool. At the time of writing we have well over 600 food items with the majority of them being vegan. Make sure to check it out and to find and compare vegan outdoor food that best suits your requirements and tastes.

You can also use this tool to answer very specific food requirements, of which we give examples further down this page.

Single Best Hiking Food

Below you can see a list of single best hiking food options that are all vegan friendly. These are taken from the lists below and are the number one recommendation when it comes to nutritional numbers and each explains how it is the best for that specific food query.

Rise Bar Lemon Cashew Protein Bar
Rise Bar Lemon Cashew Protein Bar
is one of many vegan energy bars that you can compare
TrailFork Paleoats Packaged Meal
TrailFork Paleoats Packaged Meal
has the most amount of calories per gram out of all vegan breakfast packaged meals, with
5.78 calories /g
Tent Meals Almond Jalfrezi Main Meal - 800 kcal
Tent Meals Almond Jalfrezi Main Meal - 800 kcal
has the most amount of calories per gram out of all vegan lunch and dinner options, with
4.60 calories /g
FBomb House Blend MCT Oil Energy Gel
FBomb House Blend MCT Oil Energy Gel
is one of many vegan hiking snacks with the most calories, with
9.11 calories /g
of calories per gram
Naked Nutrition Pea Protein Powder
Naked Nutrition Pea Protein Powder
is one of many vegan hiking snacks with the most protein, with
of protein per gram
Trail Nuggets Pro Orange Cranberry Beet Protein Bar
Trail Nuggets Pro Orange Cranberry Beet Protein Bar
is one of many vegan hiking snacks with the most carbs, with
of carbs per gram
Trail Nuggets Pro Orange Cranberry Beet Protein Bar
Trail Nuggets Pro Orange Cranberry Beet Protein Bar
is one of many vegan hiking snacks with the most fiber, with
of fiber per gram
maruchan ramen noodle
Maruchan Chicken Ramen Noodle Soup
is one of many vegan hiking snacks with the most sodium, with
of sodium per gram

Energy Bars For Hiking

If you are looking specifically for energy bars which are all vegan, look no further. Here we have a random list of vegan energy bars for hiking. 

This is just a slimmed down version of the main food discovery tool which you can use to compare all energy bars, so we recommend you head on over there to see the hundreds of options that you have.

Thats right, hundreds of options of vegan energy bars. We add new vegan energy bars to the database weekly, so remember to come back in the future to discover new options.

We love energy bars, especially whole food based options where they cold press and squeeze nuts, fruit and seeds together. These are also easy to come by in supermarkets anywhere in the world.

Breakfast Packaged Meals For Hiking

In this list we have filtered the hundreds of packaged meals by those suitable for breakfast time, that are fully vegan and are packaged with plenty of calories and flavor.

If you are an early riser and get hikes in before sunrise, you may want a decent breakfast during the morning and can't stomach a more savoury or salty meal.

You have plenty of options and some of these are cold soak breakfasts too. This means that you can add plant milks to them or water and let them soak in your backpack whilst you get a few miles under your belt before you eat a large meal.

Most others you just have to boil some water and soak the breakfast ingredients for a few minutes, you can then use the rest of the water for a hot cup of tea or coffee.

If you are bringing trail mix, nuts, seeds or even fruits with you, you can add extra in to these meals which will make your hiking breakfasts taste even better.

Lunch & Dinner Vegan Hiking Food

You are not limited when it comes to vegan lunch and dinner hiking food.

You have curries, risottos, pasta dishes, thai, british, italian and african inspired meals and much more.

With this list you can see all vegan hiking packaged meals which are ordered by those with the most amount of calories per gram.

We don't just take the calories from a single serving, as one meal may weigh 150g and another weigh 320g. Instead, we work out their calories per gram of food and then you can compare each and every food item equally.

You will find plenty of meals that pack plenty of calories, starting at around 3.50 calories per gram, so for every 100grams of hiking food, expect at least 350 calories. This is a fantastic amount and will get you well on your way to cover the amount of calories you will need for your day out hiking.

High Calorie Vegan Hiking Snacks

We have created this list to show you vegan hiking snacks which have the most calories in them.

If you are looking for something to cover your calorie requirements for the day, look no further. You get mostly oil based energy gels and nut butters which are both very high in calories an come in small lightweight packets.

Comparing their calorie density, you are almost doubling that of what you will find in a packaged meal. These oils and nut butters are containing at least 7.50 calories per gram of food. Compared to the 3.50 and up calories per gram found in packaged meals.

Because they are lightweight, you can easily take a few with you and add them to meals or eat on their own, they are very versatile and really do cover you when you need some calories.

High Protein Vegan Hiking Snacks

If you're looking for high protein vegan hiking snacks, look no further. Here we have the best 10 which are sorted from hundreds of snack suggestions.

This is a varied selection of high protein hiking foods, protein bars, peanut butter powder, vegan jerky and meal replacement powders which you can add to your drinks.

Vegan hiking food snacks have an equivalent amount of protein to that of non-vegan foods, sometimes more. One example of this is the vegan content in vegan jerky. Compared to it's non-vegan offerings, you actually get more protein per gram in a meatless jerky bar than a meat based one.


High Carb Vegan Hiking Snacks

If you're after a high carb vegan hiking snack, look no further. 

As you can see, the infamous Kendal Mint Cake is high up on the list of high carb vegan hiking snacks. We've had a lot of this through the years and like everyone else, are completely in love with and whenever a hike or adventure in the mountains is planned, this is coming with us.

Surrounded by hydration sports drinks and freeze dried fruits. If you want your energy from carbs, you have plenty of choices.


High Fiber Vegan Hiking Snacks

Looking for high fiber vegan hiking snacks, look no further. Here you will find energy bars, fruits and energy gels.

Out of the hundreds of vegan snacks on the site, you are looking at at least one quarter of the foods content comprising of fiber in those with the most fiber.


Salty Vegan Hiking Snacks

In this list we have filtered by all snacks in the database but hidden protein powders, electrolyte powders and tablets. You are left with a list of snack ideas that are all high in sodium.

Things like ramen, olives, noodle soups, vegan jerky, some energy bars and nut butters are all great sources of foods which are high in sodium.

If you aren't taking electrolyte supplements on your hikes, then it is important that you get your minerals back in some form. There are plenty of tasty options high in sodium and hopefully this list can inspire you.

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