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What was once a 'cool' and 'little' idea, has turned in to something much bigger, especially for us working and creating the site and it's features.

We're looking for support from you, so that is why we have signed up to Patreon.

Why Should You Support Us

We were initially thinking of setting the site up as a subscription based web app and resource. Whilst creating the site, we thought, that was just wrong and we put ourselve's in the shoes other other outdoor enthusiasts who were new to the world of camping, endurance events, hiking and thought, let's keep this free!

That is the main reason, if just a handful of you support us, we'll continue to deliver the following:

A free website for everyone, you do get extra features when you register, but registration will too be free.

We can spend more time on creating new features rather than administering and maintaining a platform where you subscribe to see the content, that is just backwards. We'd much rather be adding new features, creating a better user experience and basically working on tools to help you.

With financial support, we can spend more time on the site and that means more food products being added. At the moment we are adding a handful a day, but with support from you, we can easily double that and aim to create 5-10+ food items a day. Which in turn, means a much more powerful comparison tool for you to find even more tasty outdoor foods.

With extra support, we can guarantee prizes and outdoor goodies for registered users to the site through our points feature.

Check below for some of the recent updates we've added to the site, they only happen when we're supported, as support gives us time and time means we can work even more on this awesome site!

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