V3K Half 25km Mountain Trail Run

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A 25km and 1000m elevation fell run & trail run in Snowdonia, North Wales.

V3K is a fell race of of half (25km) and full ultra (75km+) which you have to be vegan for the entire event.

Title Teaser Image Price Buy link Serving Weight Calories Protein Sodium Calories Per Gram Calories Per Dollar Protein Per Gram Sodium Per Miligram Meal Time
Bounce Almond Spirulina Energy Ball Bounce Almond Spirulina Energy Ball $1.80 40 grams 176calories 9.00 grams 136mg 4.40 97.78 0.23 3.40mg breakfast, snack
Elete Electrolyte Pocket Bottle Elete Electrolyte Pocket Bottle $0.65 2 grams 0calories 0.00 grams 125mg 0.00 0.00 0.00 62.50mg drink, snack
Water water $0.00 0 grams 0calories 0.00 grams 4mg nan nan nan infmg breakfast, dinner, lunch, snack
Tangerine tangerine $0.30 55 grams 40calories 0.60 grams 2mg 0.73 133.33 0.01 0.04mg snack
Totals $2.75 97 grams 216calories 9.60 grams 267mg