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The Definitive Guide To Electrolyte Powders

It's no secret, there are a lot of electrolyte powders, tablets and mixes available.

Actually, there are thousands of electrolyte powders and you've probably only tried a handful of them.  Do you want a specific flavor? Or one with with the most sodium? 

If you want to find the best electrolyte powder, you're going to have to know what options are available.

Only here at OutdoorFood.club can you discover the best electrolyte powder because we have the biggest database of powders, hydration mixes and their nutritional info, all categorised in many different ways, to help you find the perfect powder.

What Is An Electrolyte Powder Drink

Electrolyte powder is comes in many forms, you simply add this mix to a liquid of your choice, usually water. They can come in the form of powders, tablets, liquids. Depending on the electrolyte powder you have chosen, you place the amount, something like 3-15grams in to a specific water serving size, 250-500ml and you have your electrolyte powder drink.

Doesn't matter what sport or exercise you do, if you find yourself sweating over a prolonged period of time, you're going to need to replace the electrolytes lost during your activities. With that in mind, you can use our resource here and the food discovery tool to cover your needs. If it is hot, or even cold but the environment is dry and you have done excessive exercise, you will need recovery drinks. Electrolyte replacement isn't just for athletes, even day to day activities you will find that watching your sweat amount and covering that is important. After alcohol, caffeine, working outdoors you can benefit from a recovery drink and electrolyte powders.

Best Electrolyte Powder

The best electrolyte powders cannot be defined by one person, a single article which compares a handful of them, the best electrolyte powders are subjective to you and to your tastes, dietary requirements, weight allowance, sugar per gram and a myriad of other specifics you require of your electrolyte supplement.

That is why here at Outdoor Food Club we are cataloguing all of the outdoor foods made by outdoor and sports food brands and other food manufacturers which are useful when outdoors, exercising or need something specific and on the go.

This includes electrolyte powders and by gathering all of their nutritional info, we work out basic nutrition stats, like sodium per gram and sugar per gram. This enables us to create objective ranking lists, which are categorised below to show you what are the best electrolyte powder for your specific requirements.

Electrolyte Powder Benefits

The main benefit of having electrolyte powders is that it will replenish the sodium you lose when you sweat, but this isn't it's only role. It's very simple, there is no pseudoscience. We are all different in how much we sweat during exercise and how much sodium and other minerals: zincmagnesiumcalcium,sodium and potassium we lose during our sporting activities.

You can roughly calculate how much you will need during a 30 minute period if you know how much sweat you will lose, with that number in mind, you simply take the electrolyte mix you have added to your drink or water and it will replenish what was lost.

To stop fatigue hitting earlier, remember to embrace the power of electrolyte powders and take accordingly.

Electrolyte Powder For Runners & Endurance Athletes

Electrolytes are most important for runners and endurance athletes, when going over your threshold of 30-40 minutes of continuous exercise, you'll need to replenish lost sodium. One way for runners, endurance athletes and runners to do this is by taking an electrolyte drink mix to stop you getting dehydrated and their body working optimally. 

Compare Hundreds Of Electrolyte Powders

We have taken every electrolyte powder from the catalogue and put the most common questions and their answers below. If you are looking for more answers and to compare different food types, check out the food discovery tool where you can ask many more questions.

Electrolyte powders come in all shapes and sizes, covering many different dietary requirements and flavors, no matter what you prefer, there is bound to be the perfect and best mix or tablet for you. You can compare and find the perfect electrolyte powder for you as we share powder nutrition facts and answer many different questions you may have below in individual comparisons.

electrolyte powders to compare

Brands And Manufacturers

Below is a definitive list of all the electrolyte brands and manufacturers that are making electrolyte powders and tablets for the exercise, outdoor adventures and sports people. We have the biggest database of outdoor food related info and have created this electrolyte powder brands list to help you find brands and food manufacturers who are making electrolyte powders.

If you just want to compare food items from a specific brand then this list will get you started. In alphabetical order, you will find that some of the brands make just one or two whilst others have huge electrolyte powder catalogues and make many types of electrolyte powders under their brand name.

Most Popular Electrolyte Powder Flavors

Below you can see the most popular electrolyte powder flavors as made and manufactured by the many brands in the sports hydration and electrolyte supplement world.

If you are interested in searching for a powder specifically by flavor, head on over to the food discovery tool where you can do that and much more.

Electrolyte Powders With Low Sugar

If you're looking for electrolyte powders which have low sugar or no sugar then use the list below. This has been curated from all of the powders we have added to our database and that we keep growing. 

The table is sorted by powders with the lowest amount of sugar, starting with electrolyte supplements which have no sugar.

Electrolyte Powder No Sugar

You can see that you have a few no sugar electrolyte powder options. These come in various forms, such as liquid mixes, tabs and tablets.

Unflavored Electrolyte Powders

If you prefer an unflavored electrolyte powder, tablet or liquid mix, then you have plenty of choices. These powders will simply taste like salt and have no added flavor to them. There are plenty of flavored options out there, which you can add directly to water and get a refreshing drink that will help you out. But for those interested in adding salt, sodium and minerals to a drink of yours which is already flavored, there are options.

Again, you might simply want water, which can be highly thirst quenching when exercising and, especially when you're losing water through sweat. What these electrolyte powders offer though is more than just sodium and you will replenish much needed minerals in to a drink of your choice.

Elete Electrolyte Pocket Bottle
Elete Electrolyte Pocket Bottle
is one of many unflavored electrolyte powder and mixes.

Electrolyte Powders With The Most Sodium

If you are looking specifically for sodium and mineral replacement in an electrolyte powder, look no further.

By using the entire database of electrolyte powders, we can use the data attached to each one and find objective data like this, so that you can compare them and find the best electrolyte powder for you.

Remember that sodium is not the only mineral lost when exercising, if you are taking an electrolyte drink mix to replace what is lost in sweat, you should be covering most of your needs.


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