The main aim of Outdoor Food Club is to catalogue all sports food and outdoor food options, so that everyone has the best opportunity to find the best foods, drink, nutrition and supplements for them.

Unlike other food and sports nutrition websites, we compare all objectively, based on nutrition facts from each food item.

The approach from other sites is to compare a handful of food items, mention whether they like the texture or flavour, which you may not have the same thoughts about after trying, this isn't the right way in our opinion.

The reason for this is that it is unfair to compare two protein bars that have different weights. One may have 12g of protein and the other 10g of protein, with the nutrition per gram data it might show that you get more protein from the 10g of protein because that protein bar weighs far less.

So what is Outdoor Food Club? Well, its a few things, but mainly a list of all the food items and a list of continually growing recipes you can take with you whilst camping, hiking, doing endurance events and wherever you need outdoor food.

We're creating the biggest list of food items and recipes with all the info you need, not just nutrition. but what packaging they come in, how long they last, how fragile the food item is, calories per gram, calories per dollar and many many more resourceful pieces of information based on the food item or recipe.

So How Can You Get Involved

Simply register and you can add any food item or recipe that isn't already on the site. If everything is here that you like, you can just save food to your favourite food list and organise what you need for your single or multi-day hiking/camping trip straight from this site.

Shared Food Lists

If you want even more information, you can use shared food lists and create your own specific food lists based upon the needs of the outdoor adventure you're about to embark upon. Once curated, you can share, edit and find other lists.

How To Use The Site

Wildcamping for a night?

Doing a long distance event?

Looking for other energy gels?

Need vegan protein bars?

Are there outdoor foods with eco packaging?

I want to compare energy bars for sugar and fiber?

Love Clif bars but want to find one with less sugar?

No matter what question you have, we're sure we can help you answer it at Outdoor Food Club. Below are some examples of questions you may have and how you can use the site to answer those queries.


Love a particular outdoor food brand? 

You can compare an entire brands catalogue, use the search above and try out 'backpackers pantry' or 'tent meals'. You will end up on their brand page and from there you can compare your fave meals with those you haven't tried and select foods based upon specific requirements.

I like chocolate flavored energy bars but I want something with less sugar in it

You can search on the home page for the flavor chocolate and you'll get sent to the list of outdoor foods that taste of chocolate https://www.outdoorfood.club/food/flavor/chocolate from here you can sort the table by sugar amount.

Or you can go to the food search table and put Food Type as energy bar and Flavor as chocolate or another similar flavor and Apply that filter. This will refresh the food table and show just energy bars that are chocolate flavored. You can now sort this table by the amount of sugar by clicking the table column title Sugars.

I'm going on a hiking and camping trip and want packaged meals, what are my options?

Another great question and one we can answer with ease. We're constantly adding new packaged meals, dehydrated, freeze dried and other food states and you can find all of these on the packaged meal page which compares all packaged meals in an easy to use outdoor food table. By going to the home page and using the intuitive search, we searched for packaged meal and ended up on the page which shows all of these in one place.

Another way is by going to the food page and using the filters and simply selecting the Food Type of packaged meal and as easy as that you can see all of the packaged meal options you have!

Can I save food items I like and compare them?

You sure can, by registering to the site you can save any food item you want by clicking on Fave food which you'll see dotted about the site, on the comparison tables and they'll go straight to your saved page which you can access at any time and only you can see these.