100 Calorie Snacks

100 Calorie Snacks

If you're looking for a 100 calorie snack list, look no further. Using our database of sports food and outdoor foods we have filtered them to show all food items between 90 and 110 calories.

There are a lot of calorie guidelines out there, 1200 calories is plenty, 1500 calorie diets, you eat less calories than you burn to lose weight or you want to gain more muscle and mass so you're looking for extra calories to bulk.

Out of the hundreds of foods we have in the database, each has it's nutritional info added to the site so we can use it to show foods based on specifics.

Sticking to 100 calories servings means it is much easier to keep a track of your daily calorie consumption and if you're kids and children are having the snack, you know how much you've given them when it's only 100 calories.

You can use the discovery tool to search through and filter the entire database for the best foods for your. There are many more 100 calorie food items.

Before we get in to it, here are some of the foods that have about 100 calories in them that appear throughout this page.

  • Fruit, such as dates can be limited to 100 calories, 40g of dates is 100 calories
  • Fresh tuna chunks
  • Meat jerky and meat bars come in at about 100 calories for 40g bars
  • Energy and protein bars
  • Seed bars can be found at 100 calories and contain a lot of great nutrition
  • Energy gels mostly hit the 100 calories mark and you can even find some wholefoods based gels like Muir
  • Puree food that come in small sachets can be found at about 100 calories

Below find some suggestions from each of the categories we cover in more detail further down the page.

Making Your Own 100 Calorie Snacks

You can always DIY your own 100 calorie snacks by using the suggestions below to recreate your own snacks with the foods and flavours that you love. 

Just 40g of dates make up 100 calories and are a great raw ingredient for home made DIY energy bars. There are plenty of suggestions below which you could use with other foods you already have in to make some wonderful 100 calorie snacks.

Hammer Montana Huckleberry Energy Gel
Hammer Montana Huckleberry Energy Gel
is one of many snacks that has between 90 and 110 calories
Devotion Nutrition Angel Food Cake Protein Powder
Devotion Nutrition Angel Food Cake Protein Powder
is a snack between 90 and 110 calories and with high protein of

top pick

Soul Sprout Bring on the Blueberry Granola Bar
Soul Sprout Bring on the Blueberry Granola Bar
is one of many breakfast snacks with around 100 calories

top pick

Untapped Pure Maple Syrup Energy Gel
Untapped Pure Maple Syrup Energy Gel
is one of many breakfast snacks with around 100 calories
epic chicken sriracha protein bar
Epic Chicken Sriracha Protein Bar
is one of many low carb snacks with around 100 calories and very few carbs
Enduro Bites Fig & Dark Chocolate
Enduro Bites Fig & Dark Chocolate
is one of many vegan snacks with around 100 calories

The Best 100 Calorie Protein Bars

Here we have 100 calorie foods, which we have taken from our growing database of outdoor and sports foods. 

You can see the randomly sorted list of protein bars, each having no more or less than 100 calories. To look through this list, simply click the mini-pager next button at the bottom right of the table.

This will show even more protein bar suggestions, all having around 100 calories.

The protein bars come in many shapes, sizes, ingredients and flavours, but all have two things in common, their calorie count and that they are high in protein.

Expect to find different varieties of meat and jerky bars, soft and chewy protein bars, health bars and more in this table.

If you're looking for even more suggestions, head on over to the discovery tool and filter by food type: protein bars and sort the database by calories to find exactly what you're looking for. We're always adding new food items to the database to give you better answers and help find you the perfect 100 calorie protein bar.


100 Calorie High Protein Snacks

Looking for a high protein snack but at about 100 calories, here we have some suggestions that cover both of those requirements.

This table of suggestions is very similar to that one above, but this one is already pre-sorted for you, showing those with the most amount of protein in them at the top, it also isn't limited to just protein bars, but all snack types are shown.

Here you will find all snack types that come in 100 calorie servings. From meat bars, fish, protein bars and even healthy vegetable shot drinks.

The column Protein per gram has also been added to the table so that you can sort all of the 100 calorie snack suggestions by their protein density.


100 Calorie Breakfast

After a simple 100 calorie breakfast to get you going in the day?

We have filtered all of the foods in the discovery tool database to show only breakfast suggestions which have 100 calories.

You will find suggestions like seed bars, nut bars, flapjacks, fruits and more in this section.


100 Calorie Healthy Snacks

A list of 100 calorie healthy snacks which have been filtered to show only mostly wholefoods ingredient food items. There are many ways you can categorise a healthy snack, but you can't go far wrong with a whole food item.

Each will still have around 100 calories per serving or item and the suggestions vary from energy gels through to fruits and everything in-between. As long as the majority of ingredients in the list are wholefoods, you should see them here.

What are wholefoods and why do we use this as the requirement for a healthy snack?

A wholefood is the complete opposite of processed foods. This means that most ingredients can be spelled or you have most likely eaten them by themselve's at some point in the past. 

All fruits, nuts, vegetables, herbs, seeds, as long as it's as close to as raw as the ingredient can be, it's a whole food and is included in this suggestion table.


100 Calorie Low Carb Snacks

If low carbs are your main requirement, here we have 100 calorie food items which have been sorted by those with the least amount of carbs in them.

This suggestion table has been sorted by their carbs column and we've also added a carbs per gram column which you can sort by as well.

The carbs per gram column shows you the exact density of the carbs in each food item you are comparing and is a good measurement to fairly compare them with each other as well.

You can continue to look through for more suggestions at the food discovery tool and sort all of the foods in the entire database by their carbs amount to find more suggestions.

Foods You Will Find With Less Carbs

You will mostly find nut butters, meat and jerky bars, protein bars and other meats in the low carb snack suggestion table. 


100 Calorie Or Less Snacks

This list of snacks are all 100 calories or less, scroll through using the mini pager at the bottom to flick through these suggestions and find the best 100 calorie or less snack for you.

This table of suggestions has the most amount of food items within it, as it's listing all food items which are 100 calories and less. 

If you're looking for something with less than 100 calories, there should be some suggestions here that fit the bill.

100 Calorie Vegan Snacks

If you're on a vegan diet and looking for plant based only 100 calorie snacks, look no further. 

We have filtered this list to show only vegan snacks with around 100 calories.

Get all your plant based goodness in just 100 calories with these suggestions. Continue on by using the mini-pager at the bottom to see even more suggestions on this table.

You will find all manner of snack types, from puree food, through to fruits, energy bars and seed bars. As we add more foods to the database, expect more foods to be filtered through to this section in the future where you'll have more suggestions than you can shake a stick at.

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