Food discovery for athletes & outdoors people

Not all outdoor and sports foods are equal, At outdoor food club you can find the best foods for your requirements.

How Can I Find Foods

Head To The Food Database Finder Tool

At the food finder page you can find all the awesome foods you could ever imagine, just select a few filters by the specific things you require in your food, sort the table and there you go. 

A huge list of food options at your fingertips.

Food Rankings

If your are looking for a protein bar with the most amount of protein per gram, or a packaged meal with the longest shelf life, go to the food rankings section.

There we have set up ranking pages using all of the food nutrition facts for each item, to rank them depending on the ranking page.

If you are looking for more help, head to our about page.



Create And Share Lists

With our list creator, once registered, you can create lists of food items for specific events you're attending and see counts of the nutritional stats and more.

Go check them out and create your own.

Recent Reviews

Join the club, add food reviews, answer questions people may have, create recipes and food lists and get rewarded!

All club members will get discount codes for many leading outdoor food manufacturers as well as chances to win free food!